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SMK Victory CP2 Air Pistol Review

From vermin control to getting some lead down the barrel during some airgun target practice, the SMK Victory CP2 Air Pistol is a multifunctional CO2-powered air rifle/pistol. This multishot co2 airgun offers a solution for those who don't want to choose between a pistol and a rifle. Spoiler ahead: it provides much more than you could hope for in this price range. To learn more about the SMK Victory CP2 Air Pistol, read our detailed review.

It’s a CO2 Pistol

Available in camouflage or black colours and .177 or .22 calibre the Sportsmarketing Victory CP2 pistol offers its users options at all levels. If you choose the .177 option, the pistol reaches up to 500 fps & 400 fps in the .22. Both readings are very accurate: unlike other companies, Sportsmarketing measures performance under standard conditions.

Also included in the box of the SMK CP2 is a silencer. Since the air pistol barks quite loudly in its standard format, the silencer helps to minimize this, which can be very handy when using for vermin control.

This multishot air pistol is extremely easy to and reassemble. The use of Viton O-rings in several key locations is pleasing, as is the thread locker. It's hard to find any quality issues, and not just because of the price.

No, it’s a rifle

The scope rail, which hints at its intended use with a scope, shows how seriously SMK took the development of this pistol. And this is where things start to get even more exciting: the SMK CP2 can be transformed into a rifle in under a minute. 

As the rifle mode is activated, through the installation of the longer barrel and the rifle stock, the key metrics also change. Again predicted in a reliable way by the company, the CO2 air rifle is capable of achieving a 600/500 feet per second pellet velocity depending on its calibre setup.

A great all-around option

The SMK CP2 is a great addition to the Sportsmarketing CP family, and it is available as a standalone unit (pistol/rifle only) or as a combo option. The complete package option includes 10 x 12g Co2 capsules, a Nikko Stirling 4-12 x 40 scope and its mounts, Webley Accupel Pellets, a slip bag, and two-shot magazines.

The SMK Victory CP2 Air Pistol is one of the best options to start your journey with a CO2-powered airgun. It is among the lightest in its category, even in rifle mode, so holding it in one hand will not be a problem at any age. Due to its small size and weight, it can be a viable option for younger people exploring the world of target practice.

CP2 Air Rifle Camo
CP2 Air Rifle Black

Please see our youtube video for a full rundown.

Youtube Video CP2


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Purchased a couple of cp2s a couple of months ago and am very impressed. use them for ratting in my garden and generally shooting at targets an excellent gun for the price

February 2, 2022 at 16:05pm

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