Not just any scope, the Hik Micro Cheetah LRF Day/Night Vision Scope functions as an all-seeing eye in the wild!

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Looking for a scope that sees it all, day or night? Meet the Hik Micro Cheetah LRF. This device features a laser rangefinder that measures distances up to an astounding 1000 metres. Spot and size up your target from almost a kilometre away with ease.

Powerful Magnification

Enjoy a clear view with a 2.7x optical zoom and up to 8x digital enhancement. This gives you a versatile magnification range of 2.7 – 22x. Whether you're using air rifles or powerful centerfires for bigger game, this scope handles it all.

Night Vision Capability

Navigate the dark confidently. The integrated IR illumination lets you see clearly up to 400 metres away in total darkness. Nighttime explorations just got easier.

Stay Connected

With built-in WiFi, this scope connects to your mobile devices seamlessly. Stream live images directly, making it easier to share your adventures or track your targets.

A Trustworthy Field Companion

Whether you’re waiting for the perfect shot or moving through challenging terrain, the Cheetah LRF scope is your go-to gear. It transforms tough shots into achievements, enriching your outdoor experiences.

Currently on sale for just £499 (While stocks last) Cheetah LRF Day/Night - Hikmicro


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