Air Arms XTI50 FT Air Rifle

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When Air Arms set out to produce its latest flagship field target rifle, the entire project was built around two words – ‘no compromise’. The result is the incredible XTi-50 – and the world of field target competition has never seen anything like it. The sheer level of involvement and contribution from Air Arms’ worldwide team of specialist consultants is staggering, and combined with that ‘no compromise’ mindset, it has produced a rifle that has to be seen, and shot, to be believed.

From the specially commissioned match grade barrel – tipped with a micro-adjustable air-stripper – through the super-tough laminate match stock, with its infinitely adjustable cheek piece and butt hook system, via its super-consistent regulated action, and that incredible one-touch, go-anywhere hamster, plus the extensive use of titanium for perfect balance, the XTi-50 offers unlimited possibilities to FT and HFT shooters who want world-beating performance. There’s so much more that comes as standard with this amazing rifle, but we know its match-winning performance will definitely speak for itself.

The Air Arms XTi-50 is a purpose-designed, ultra-high specification, field target competition rifle, capable of championshipwinning performance straight out of the box. This rifle is built around a fully regulated action, an infinitely adjustable laminated stock, and a level of componentry never before seen on a field target rifle. Due to its unique range of adjustment options and unparalleled performance, the XTi-50 comes equipped to dominate the world of field target and hunter field target alike. Quite simply, there is nothing out there that matches the Air Arms XTi-50.

Fully-Floating, Match Grade Barrel
Micro-Adjustable Air-Stripper
Adjustable Mechanical Energy Absorption Device
Extensive Use of Titanium for Weight Reduction
Ambidextrous Folding Spirit Level and Wind Indicator
Two Thumb Position Options on The Pistol Grip
Pistol Grip Can Be Extended if Required
Warp-Resistant, All-Weather Laminate Match Stock
Button Operated, One-Touch, Swing-Arm Hamster
Fully Adjustable and Extendable Butt Hook
Infinitely Adjustable Cheek Piece
Quick-Release Cheek Piece and Butt Pad Adjustment
It Comes Complete with Negrini Case

High mount scope rail angled down at the front by 0.32°
Extended cheek-piece rod to match the scope rail
Butt hook extension
Bubble level built into the wind indicator arm


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