Weihrauch HW95K Air Rifle

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Weihrauch was founded in 1899 in Zella-Mehlis alongside other famous firearms manufacturers such as Walther and Anschütz. Following WWII as they were not allowed to produce firearms, Weihrauch put their efforts into making the finest sporting airguns in the world..and they still do.

The 95K is a light weight, full power, spring action air rifle. It features the famous two stage, adjustable, Rekord match trigger with an auto safety catch.

This is the upgraded and updated version of the HW95 with a 1/2'' UNF screw cut barrel and the addition of the superb, removable Weihrauch UNF silencer.

With all of these features combined, it is surely one of the best break barrel air rifles ever to hit the air gun market.

Total Length: 1140mm
Weight: 3.4kg

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Customer Reviews

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Bought this in .22 after about 5 years off of shooting. found that I can easily hit the kill zones on knock down silhouette targets at 20-30 yards, I have no doubt it could shoot further out with a better shot behind it. The action and shooting cycle is smooth and lock up is tight, discharging the pellet with a sharp twang. The trigger is excellent also, long first stage with a very crisp second stage. The moderator does work however on an outdoor range it does not make a huge difference, it does however make an excellent cocking aid and the thread is nice and long so there is no worry about it coming loose while shooting.