Weihrauch HW45 Bronze Star Air Pistol

SKU: 8983
Type: Lead Pellet
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pecial edition version of the classic HW45 with laminate ergonomic grips.

The Hw45 Bronze Star has a Compact design and extra strong, with new laminated grip. “Bronze-Look” (Duo-Tone), with fiber optic sights and spring piston system full power.

The best spring powered pistol on the market.
Very powerful for an air pistol (far more than its competitors), producing 5ft lbs plus, which gives it the punch for long range shooting and even close range small vermin control – one of the few pistols we recommend to be used for this purpose but only if you are a competent shot at ranges under 5 metres and if you cannot use a more suitable rifle.
Over-lever cocking design like a Webley but disguised to look similar to a Colt 45 auto firearm.

Has a dual-cocking feature which allows you to shoot at full or half power.

This pistol really is A-Class, a must-buy for any air pistol enthusiast.

Available Calibres: .177 .22

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