Webley MK VI .177 Pellet - Battlefield Finish

Webley MK VI .177 Pellet 6" - Battlefield Finish

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A Great British company founded in Birmingham in 1834, Webley & Scott produced their iconic service revolvers for HM Armed Forces from 1887 until 1963.

During WWI the Webley Mk VI .455 was adopted as the standard side arm for British and Commonwealth troops and issued to officers, airmen, naval crews, boarding parties, trench raiders, machine-gun teams, and tank crews. It proved to be a very reliable and hardy weapon, well suited to the mud and adverse conditions of trench warfare.

Webley are now pleased to announce production of this co² powered, .177 pellet firing air pistol replica. Built from the original blueprints, it is full sized and true weight (2.4lbs), with full metal construction and 6'' barrel. With a double or single action it loads, cycles, fires and ejects just as the original, it also carries original 1915 markings and is field strip -able.

This model features a realistic Battlefield finish

Supplied with 6 shells into which the pellets must be individually loaded (further shells are sold separately). Powered by 1x disposable 12g co² capsule. Produces less than 3 Joules of energy at the muzzle.


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What an excellent pistol! Beautifully made with the authentic battlefield finish. Beware though, it's a weighty brute at arms length but the heft gives it a terrific sense of authenticity and helps steady your hand. The rifled barrel gives it superb accuracy for target shooting and the break open action and reloading has a 'old world' satisfaction to it. An all round winner.