Victory CP2 Camo PCP

Victory CP2 Camo (PCP) Air Rifle

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Calibre: .177

Brand: SMK
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Introducing the SMK Camo CP2 PCP, a remarkable addition to the esteemed Victory range that offers shooters unparalleled quality at an unbeatable price point.

Powered by advanced PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) technology, the CP2 stands out as a versatile and reliable air pistol with a multi-shot magazine system. Its effortless bolt action mechanism ensures a smooth shooting experience, allowing for quick and easy cocking and loading. What sets the CP2 apart is its remarkable adaptability, as it seamlessly transforms from a pistol to a rifle. The comprehensive kit includes both pistol and rifle barrels, along with corresponding stocks, providing shooters with a range of options to suit their shooting preferences.

Included in the kit are two 9-shot magazines, enabling shooters to enjoy prolonged shooting sessions without the need for constant reloading

Both the rifle and pistol barrels of the SMK CP2 are threaded, facilitating the attachment of the provided silencer. Open sights are standard features on this air pistol, but they can be removed to accommodate a scope or red dot sight for shooters who prefer more precise aiming.

The CP2 comes equipped with standard open sights, which can be easily removed to accommodate a scope or red dot sight for shooters seeking enhanced precision.

The CP2 PCP Camo boasts a responsive trigger with a crisp and clean release, ensuring optimal accuracy and control. This makes it the perfect companion for both target shooting and effective pest control.


Customer Reviews

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Paul Howlett
Victory cp2 pcp air rifle

Im very impressed good little rifle glad its a pcp version and at a competitive price 5 stars from me

Mr Harris
Excellent little tool

An excellent little gun, I have had a CP2 Co2 for several years, used as a rifle for vermin control very efectively. Finding out there was now a PCP version was good news (already having a diving bottle for my other PCPs) not having to toss empty Co2 capsules. The PCP version is a pleasure to use and is everything you would hope it to be. Nice touch including a set of spare barrel grub screws (that are so easy to lose!) in the kit of seals. After all this praise, why only 4 stars? well, the cross bolt safety - over enthusiastic pushing from safe to fire will cause it to stop against the trigger guard, the same as the safe position the other side. Treated gently, despite the excitement of the perfect shot at a rat, it works fine. Partly me, but a very close fit! Get one and enjoy.