VFG Quick Cleaning Pellets .177

Cleaning Pellets .177 VFG

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Air rifle Cleaning Pellets are solid felt wads saturated with Teflon-grease. Shoot one thought the rifles barrel after finishing a session and they expand pressing into the rifling following every twist to work against soiling. Using these wads will ensure that every part of the guns bore is reliably cleaned and any condensation is neutralised with a Lupus-Teflon film.
In order to prevent fibre particles remaining in the guns bore, we recommend that you insert a lead air rifle pellet behind the felt plug and shoot out the two together.
Approximate wads per pack: 100

Customer Reviews

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howard vater

very good service

Michael Richardson

I bought these to clean out my steyr lg110 and they did the job.

I put a drip of hopes no9 on the felt load into breach followed by a flat head match pellet, the pellet causes the felt to expand cleaning the barrel, repeat with dry felt and your good to go

I captured the felt and you could clearly see the grime on it.

Exercise safe shooting practice when using, they may be felt but are moving fast and will cause a wound if hit by one.

All in all a good product, they make them for cleaning most firearm calibres too

Dave Davies

Use the .22 version on my rifle and got these for my pistol.
Brilliant, but remember to use 2 to get the barrel really clean.

Great Service - Thanks


The pellets with a little Airgun oil are great at cleaning the barrel. The only slight thing is that they don’t come in a nice little box like pictured.