Air Arms S400 (Walnut) - Air Rifle

Air Arms S400 (Walnut) - Air Rifle

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Calibre: .177


Barrel Length: Carbine


Air Arms S400 Walnut

The S400 by Air Arms is a single shot PCP developed as part of their award winning 'S' series. Ever popular as an entry level HFT rifle, this modern classic has won so many fans due to it's outstanding consistency and shootabillity, straight out of the box.

As with all rifles from Air Arms, accuracy is a 'given'. This is thanks to a release controlled by a fully adjustable two stage trigger and a barrel produced by Lothar Walther. A silencer can be added to the barrel to reduce the muzzle noise if you desire, and we would recommend the Air Arms dedicated unit or the Q-Tec model for the best results.

The S400's bolt action is crisp and precise and the breech is wide enough to allow the correct loading of every valuable pellet. It really is hard not to shoot well with one of these in your shoulder.

Offered as a full length rifle or as a shorter carbine and with a choice of a Beech or Walnut sporter stock there is a S400 for everyone.

Based in Sussex, Air Arms were founded in 1983. They produce sporting air rifles that set the standard and competition rifles that win world championships. Their commitment to excellence and philosophy of ‘only the finest’ is maintained, and constantly challenged, by their quality control.

Shot Count - Rifle: .177-80 | .22–100

Shot Count - Carbine: .177-60 | .22-80

Type: Single Shot, Bolt Action, PCP
Trigger: Fully adjustable 2 stage
Barrel: Lothar Walther

Dimensions - Rifle
Overall Length: 1020mm
Barrel Length: 493mm
Weight: 3.0 kg Beech | 2.7 kg Walnut

Dimensions - Carbine
Overall Length: 920mm
Barrel Length: 395mm
Weight: 2.9 kg Beech | 2.6 kg Walnut

Made in England