Smith & Wesson 6.5" Pellet Revolver

Smith & Wesson 629 6.5" Pellet Air Pistol

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Reach for your piece. The Smith & Wesson 629 6.5" Co2 Air Pistol is a heavy metal gun with a shape so similar to a Colt, it’ll feel like a second skin. Don’t be fooled by the weight. This gun will feel perfectly balanced once you put your hands around it. The weight is a testimony to its solid build. You’ll feel the confidence in every shot with its rifled barrel. Requires a single 12g Co2 capsule & fires .177 lead pellets.


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Smith & Wesson 629 6.5"

Great gun! Ordered online and picked up the next day on my lunch break, quick and convenient! Had my first proper shoot at Ronnie sunshine's pistol range yesterday and had a great time!

David Hodgson
Dirty Harry

well I purchased this Smith & western m29 MAGNUN 44. As I fancied a pop at the pistol range . it fires ONLY .177 pellets. has a rotating barrel of six rounds . the pellet goes in from the rear of the cartridge.. it's rely looks and feels like the big DIRTY HARRY hand gun. it's great. Ronnie sunshine rely know there stuff.
they have a whole load of rifles & pistols in the shop plus rifle & pistol ranges upstairs plus the tea id good, thanks Ronnie sunshine