Reximex Pretensis Air Rifle

by Reximex
SKU: 10397

Reximex Pretensis Air Rifle

The Reximex Pretensis is a full length sporter rifle with a 260cc air cylinder. Due to the 260cc air cylinder the rifle is capable of 210 shots at 200bar. The Pretensis features a soft touch stock with adjustable cheek piece, butt pad & pre-fitted swivel screws.The Pretensis has a cocking lever which is located on the right side of the action. You will find the manual safety to the rear of the stock which can be easily switched between on and off. The rifle also has a fully adjustable 2 stage trigger. 12 shot magazine in .22, 14 in .177

Reximex Pretensis Air Rifle Supplied with
2 x magazines
single shot tray
fill adaptor

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