Retay Majarov 9mm Blank Pistol

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Brand: Retay
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The Majarov is a 9mm blank firing gun replica that makes a loud authentic firing sound and weighs and feels just like the real thing. Excellent for use as a movie prop, stage prop, training, collecting, or just for fun. Load the clip, slide back the slide, and fire. Hear the shot, see the flame, and smell the smoke.


It shoots semi-auto, using 9mm blank ammunition. When you fire the gun, it vents from the top of the pistol as per U.K. specification.

It is sometimes used by police forces in training situations, also by some special forces. The Ekol Majarov pistol is perfect for collectors, dog training or other activities such as bird scaring. This type of gun is also common for athletics meetings as a starting pistol.

The blank gun comes with a hard case with a foam padding for transporting, and a small instruction leaflet. but it does not come with any tester blanks so you will need to buy some separately.

This blank shooter employs 9mm blanks, which are slightly larger and louder than the 8mm blanks used in some of our other blank shooters. Each cycle is incredibly loud.


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