Crow Knockdown Airgun Target

Remington Crow Target

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Brand: Remington
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Crow Target - Remington
Shoot-to-Reset Crow airgun target for non-stop training sessions. 
3x adjustable diameter kill zone adjusts from 0.5in to 1.5in to test your skills. 
Long-lasting heavy-duty all steel construction. 
12in heavy spike for solid ground insertion with back support to prevent tilting in soft ground. 
Black finish with orange target dot.
Rated for lead pellets only. Do not use with steel BBs or alloy pellets as they may cause ricochet. 
Minimum distance: .177 cal 1000+ fps 25 yards. .22 cal 800+ fps 35 yards. 
Shooters and spectators should always wear proper eye protection. 
Always be sure the area behind your target is safe. Always secure and maintain a safe backstop to protect from ricochet.
  • 19-3/4 in x 6 in Crow target
  • Long-lasting heavy-gauge steel
  • Three target/openings for kill zone
  • 12 in heavy spike for solid ground insertion and stability
  • Shoot-to-Reset target for non-stop training