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Immersive Optics 14x50 Compact Scope. The Immersive Optics 14x50 day scope offers high accuracy shooting within a highly compact format. Using a prism based optical system, the 14x50 ' s size can be immediately reduced, eliminating a traditionally large objective lens and exceedingly long housing & eye-relief. This is done without sacrificing the scopes light-gathering performance, field of view or magnification.

The implementation of this new prismatic design not only allows the 14x50 to maintain a high optical output and a minimal size, but also a reduced bulk and weight, which results in a better balance for whichever shooting platform the scope is mounted on. This optimisation means that a shooter can aim for longer without fatiguing.

Offers up to 4x wider field of view when compared to traditional sights and can focus down to a distance of 6m for close-range shooting.

The 14x50 has a glass-etched illuminated mildot or mildot rapid reticle (see individual models), high precision windage & elevation controls (no parallax) and comes with a MOA adjustable mount.

This scope is fitted with ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) glass which helps to maintain natural colour reproduction within the observable field of view, minimising chromatic aberration (colour fringing), resulting in high clarity, picture-perfect results even at long distances.

All Immersive Optics day scopes feature an innovative eye-relief and lens cap retention system which allows these aspects to be quickly and easily held securely out of the way.

All Immersive optics scopes have CNC machined housings for zero-errors, with optical channels being nitrogen-filled for anti-fogging and sealed against water for maximum quality of use.

This optic can be used with rifles with moderate to no recoil, a great choice for airgun shooters.


  • Prismatic design
  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Short eye-relief
  • High magnification
  • Wider field of view (when compared to traditional sights)
  • ED glass for high clarity
  • Highly focusable
  • No parallax
  • Illuminated reticles
  • MOA adjustable mounts available
  • Innovative eye-relief & lens cap retention system
  • Better gun/scope weight distribution
  • Reduced shooter fatigue
  • For rifles with moderate to no recoil
  • CNC machined precision mechanics
  • 0.1 mill turrets to match mildot reticles
  • Adjustable elevation & windage (MIL 28 | MOA 83)
  • Precise rotations (MIL 5 | MOA 15) & revolutions (Clicks 50)
  • Nitrogen-Filled optical channel (Anti-Fogging)
  • Waterproof
  • Shock-Resistant (600G)
  • Powered by 1x CR2032 battery
  • 3 Year Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tony Jewell
Imersive optics

This rifle scope is totally different from what I am used to, it is a lot lighter than most scopes. The eye relief is shorter but I think it is easy to use with fixed magnification at fourteen times. Overall a very good scope.

David South
The Big Picture

Already being a fan of the prismatic scopes from MTC, I was keen to try the 14x50 prismatic from Immersive Optics.
Out of the box, build quality looks impressive. Chunky mount rings are pre fitted and it comes with 3 different length picatinny brackets so you should be able to achieve a comfortable fit whatever rifle you put it on.
There is also a 20 MOA tilt adjustment so you can zero out to say, 100 yards if that's your bag.
The side mounted parallax dial is not as tight as most, so be aware that you can accidentally adjust it by rubbing it against clothing or a gun slip.
Windage and elevation turrets are positive and finger adjustable once you have unscrewed the dust caps.
The sight picture is crystal clear, edge to edge and with that massive field of view you won't lose sight of your target if it hops a few feet off centre.
Lens protection is via a flip up cover on the objective lens and a rubber cap on the ocular lens. The occular also wears a removable, soft rubber, eye cup which brings me to my only niggle. The eye relief is so short, that in order to harvest that incredible field of view, i have to have my eyeball almost touching the occular lens. In fact, I have to remove the rubber eye cup. For me, it's not a deal breaker but I know many shooters don't like zero eye relief scopes. Personally, I prefer the 17mm eye relief afforded by the MTC Atom.
With that said, i think this is still my overall favourite scope.
The reticle is clear without being too bold and is illuminated, although there is no battery supplied (CR2032) so I haven't tried that function yet.
From an aesthetic point of view, I think short, chunky optics look best on a short chunky gun so I've fitted mine to my Kalibrgun Cricket Tactical 45 but of course, you could mount it on any (non recoiling!) rifle. Considering the price, £299 from Ronnie Sunshine's
overall, I'll give it 92/100