Daystate Magazine (Elemental Object)

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Daystate Magazine

Designed and Developed by Elemental Objects a Sheffield based company these are the very latest magazines to fit Daystate Airguns.

These magazines are not to be mistaken with standard 3D print, these magazines are of a different league.
Using the very latest tech and machinery tolerances are as good maybe even better than the normal Daystate magazines.
The magazines have been tested in all models with thousands of rounds put through them.
This is the very latest Daystate compatible magazine with flip down magnetic front. 
Both magnet & pin are included but not inserted so you can fit them to the desired positions
The flip down front allows for easier loading.

Fit Daystate air rifles including Huntsman, Huntsman Regal, Huntsman Revere, Wolverine 2, Wolverine R, Red Wolf etc.

Magnet and pin not fitted to magazine from the factory to allow user to determine which side the magazine is inserted from. Inner hole is for narrower action shapes such as the Huntsman, outer hole is for Wolverine R, Red Wolf etc.

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