BSA Magazine .177 or .22

BSA Magazine .177 or .22

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Calibre: .22

Brand: BSA
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These BSA magazines will fit all the new BSA Rifles. It is available in .22 and.177 Calibre, and feature a totally self contained indexing system. They are colour coded, the .22 is red and the .177 is blue making it easy to differentiate between the two.

It greatly enhances the reliability of the magazine and allows it to operate
smoothly time after time. Rotors are numbered to indicate how many shots remain.
They are freewheeling and employ an integral pellet stop.

To load the magazine you simply insert a pellet into chamber 1 ensuring the
skirt is pushed below the top plate, rotate the rotor to the next chamber and
insert the second pellet and repeat until the magazine is full.