Blackline Pro 9-15'' Tilt Bi pod

Blackline Pro 9-15'' Tilt Bipod

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Brand: Blackline
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If you've ever had to take a long shot over open ground, you know how difficult it can be finding a steady rest. The Blackline adjustable, tilting Bi-Pod will put an end to that frustration for good, giving you rock-solid, 'bench rest like' accuracy, every time.

The spring loaded, telescopic legs adjust independently, with 11 positions, giving a platform that ranges from 9 to 15'' (230-380mm) in height. They are also fitted with non slip rubber feet. The design of this bi pod also allows it to 'tilt' to compensate for uneven ground with a locking system to secure it when it's level.

These bi pods are extremely compact and lightweight and they will add very little weight to your rifle. Constructed from high grade, hardened alloys they are also strong, durable and have a black 'anti glare' anodised finish.

A Blackline Bi pod is ready to fit straight from the box, with no further assembly required. It's very easy to fit or remove in seconds as they attach to an existing front sling swivel stud with no tools needed. A sling can then easily attach to the bi-pod if required.

Weight: 426g

NB. an existing front stock stud is required.


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ian williams
not for my rifle

good service though, i chose the product online thinking it was a universal fit apprently not well done ronnie sunshines !