Bisley Yellow Target Holder 14cm x 14cm - Heavy Duty

by Bisley
SKU: 8178
Type: Gun Target
This is a heavy duty target holder, ideal for the serious back garden plinker.
Most similar target holders / pellet catchers are made from made from 1mm steel, as is this, the difference is that area where the pellet strikes on this model has been re-enforced with a further steel plate to take it to 1.5mm. This will massively extend the life of this unit.
Paper targets are easily slotted in, they just slide right in from the top of the target and are held securely in place. There is a tray to catch spent pellets and a hanging eye enabling the target to be elevated and fixed to a post or suitable backstop.
Suitable for 14cm x 14cm | 5½" x 5½" paper or card targets.
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