Birchwood Casey Complete Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue Kit

by B & C
SKU: 1124
Easy to use Perma Blue Liquid Gun
Blue is the proven way for touching up or completely re-blueing most guns.
Fast-acting liquid gives a non-streaky, uniform blue-black finish to steel.
Everything you need to do a “professional looking” job is included in this kit.

Kit includes
3 oz PERMA BLUE Liquid Gun Blue
3 oz Cleaner-Degreaser
3 oz Blue & Rust Remover
100 Steel Wool Pads
Blueing Applicators, Sponge, Service Cloth
BARRICADE Rust Protection Gun Wipes
Complete Instruction Guide
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Customer Reviews

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Tim Cattley
Will the finish last ?

Whilst the finish appeard to have taken well after three applications, being a uniform blue/black covering, I can see already after just a small amount of handling that it is beginning to wear off. I intend to degrease and re apply and then leave for more than the previous 24 hours to see if this "fixes" things better.