Airforce Muzzle - Mount Chronograph

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The Worlds first directly
muzzle-mounted chronograph
Chronographs are a vital tool for Airgunners to ensure that their airguns
are muzzle-energy legal (for guns designated as sub 12ft/lbs, non-FAC
compliant) and to check the real-world performance and consistency
of their, often substantial, investment in modern air weapons.

The AirForceOne® “Muzzle-Mount” Chronograph is unique in that it is threaded
to screw-directly onto the industry standard ½” UNF screw-cut on the muzzle of
the majority of modern airguns. This eliminates miss-aligned shots; shots impacted
by adverse weather; shots missing tiny apertures and achieves the holy-grail of
measuring velocity directly as the projectile exits the muzzle for ultimate accuracy
in measurement.
The AirForceOne® “Muzzle-Mount” Chronograph is a wireless enabled device
that instantly displays shot results on the easy to read chrono mounted display,
in user selectable feet or metres per second and generates energy in either ft/
lbs or Joules. Pellet weight can be input in grains or grams and it stores data on
up to 100 shots. It also communicates via Bluetooth to your smartphone. The app (available for both iOS and Android) does more than just show the feet per second
of the projectile and muzzle-energy. It allows users to store data on every shot they
have ever taken through the device.
The chronograph itself can be used for more than just airguns. Any projectile
traveling under 3280 FPS can be accurately measured. This includes rifles, pistols,
CO2 air rifles, Airsoft, paintballs, GEL Blasters and more.
Since the AirForceOne® “Muzzle-Mount” Chronograph, is self-contained and
screws directly onto the muzzle it will work in any weather conditions, Unlike other
chronographs, no external light sources are needed and because of its on-chrono
display, no smart phone connection is required. Simply attach the chronograph to
your airgun as you would any moderator, power it up, and start shooting!


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