Daystate Revere Safari Airgun

Daystate Revere Safari Air Rifle

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Calibre: .177

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The Daystate Huntsman Revere is one of the most iconic lines in the airgun world. With classic sporter looks, sleek design and a long lineage that can be traced back to the inception of the company over 40 years ago.

Launched in 2020 the Huntsman Revere update offers sidelever cocking, a gate-loading self-indexing magazine, and subtle refinements to its HUMA-AIR regulator

Often copied, but never bettered, the Huntsman remains Daystate’s best-selling model, with its global appeal to shooters looking for the perfect combination of performance, handling, and style.

Now, that Huntsman has a new all-weather Safari-style stock. The new stock offers an adjustable cheek piece as well as redesigned styling that adds a natural camouflage by its texture and non-reflective surface. The design is intended to incorporate, a wider and consequently grippier forend while adding weight relief into the design. With the Revere having a user changeable sidelever that can switch sides in under 5 minutes, this is now matched with a rugged ambidextrous stock.

Sidelever actions are especially popular with shooters of higher-powered air rifles because the system greatly reduces cocking effort. And, thanks to further developments of the Huntsman’s hammer and valve system, along with the inclusion of a HUMA-AIR Regulator, the Revere offers up to 40 ft/lbs of muzzle energy (in .25 calibre), with high-power performance up to 18 and 30 ft/lbs also available from .177 and .22 models respectively.

Additionally, the revised and highly tactical matt finished metal work is optimised to work with Daystate’s popular self-indexing magazine. Included in the Revere package is Daystate’s latest single-shot loading tray for those not after the speedy re-loads offered by a magazine.

Of course, standing alongside the Revere model’s Safari stock upgrades are all the features that have made the Huntsman the benchmark of PCP sporter design. Features like a shrouded match-grade barrel– two-stage adjustable trigger and a stock that cradles a lower-seated action to maximise handling.

The new Huntsman Revere Safari gives the world’s most iconic sporter a new purposeful tactical look. It’s set to arrive in gun shops from 15 July 2022.

Daystate Huntsman Revere Specifications:

  • Overall Length – 36.5″ (928mm)
  • Barrel Length – 17″ (430mm)
  • Cylinder Capacity – 132cc
  • Weight (Unscoped)- 2.8kg (6.1lbs)
  • Calibre – .177/.22
  • Loading – Magazine or single shot tray
  • Cocking – Sidelever (with mechanical slingshot hammer system)
  • Magazine – 13-Shot .177, 11-Shot .22 self-indexing
  • Fill Pressure – 250 BAR (3,626 psi)
  • Power Shots Per Charge .22 – 160  shots @12ft/lbs, .177- 140 shots @ 12 ft/lbs
  • Trigger – Two-stage mechanical release. Adjustable for weight and length of stage
  • Safety – Manual, rotary trigger block lever
  • Stock – Ambidextrous Safari Stock


  • Ambidextrous
  • Built in adjustable cheek piece
  • Safari finish gives natural camouflage and great grip in all weathers
  • Broader front end for a stable grip
  • Weight relieved on the inside adds a channel convenient for fitting a sling stud
  • Cushioned flat butt pad
  • Flatter forend and curl back end- better for benchrest shooting

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