Legends Cowboy Co2 Rifle 4.5mm

Legends Cowboy Co2 Rifle 4.5mm

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Brand: Umarex
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Umarex legends Cowboy Lever Action (4.5mm metal BB) comes with a firing cycle that virtually mimics the actual rifle and is ideal for those searching to get an authentic shooting encounter.

This cowboy rifle ejects empty shells exactly like the actual thing. Used look metal finish

The Legends Cowboy Rifle made by Umarex is also be a winner in regards to precision, hitting the target time & time again. It's easy to grip and includes persuasive design attributes, such as an all-metal break-down framework. With its blend of innovative CO2 technologies and nostalgic allure, this rifle is Guaranteed to provide lots of fun for hours shooting

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First off this is a lot of fun to shoot. The lever action isn't to hard to cock so you can leave it in place on your shoulder after a little practice. The feel of the "Shells" being ejected is great but i've found you'll want to pop down something like a blanket to catch them for two reasons. 1. they can get scuffed up if they hit a hard surface. 2. It will be a LOT easier to find them afterwards! As the metal shells are not cheap to buy, you don't want to lose any. Of the 10 shells that came with the gun, I noticed that one or two of them don't hold the BB that securely in the rubber "bung" at the end of the shell casing. Thos that didn't already hold the BB securely, I tried loading a .177 pellet in them. They worked perfectly. I wouldn't suggest you do this though. Mainly because I'm sure a bent skirt on a pellet would probably damage the rubber seal in the shell and render the shell useless to both BB's and Pellets. I can't see a way you could easily replace the rubber seal in the shell and the cost of them does not make the disposable.

I don't like the fact that Umarex calls this the "Cowboy" gun. It's almost a direct copy of the Winchester 1894. It even has the Safety mechanism found on the Winchester beneath the cocking lever. The only thing that really makes it look that different is no front strap between the shell tube and barrel. There are differences like the safety slide but all in all quite a close replica. The side loading gate is brilliant. A little tricky to push the shells all the way in but you will get the knack. It holds 10 shells in the barrel and you can add 1 in the breach. From a safety perspective though I wouldn't recommend this. You have to have the safety off to cock the gun (You can't load a shell directly into the breach) and once there is a shell in the breach, you can't engage the safety.

It would have been a massive improvement to have a wooden instead of moulded plastic stock. I think they should offer this as an option. I found a few after market suppliers that will make a custom stock and fore end for around 75 euros. The Mechanism for loading is very reliable. I've seen a few videos that suggest the shells get either partially or fully stove piped. I haven't yet experienced this.

It's a sturdy build, quite heavy and has quite a crack when you fire it. Rear sights are adjustable for elevation only. Two C02 cartidges last quite a long time. It's quite accurate just using the built in range sight system (There is no rail so you can't add accessories but why would you want to! The fun is the experience of firing a Winchester Rifle in the way it was intended - Or as close as most of us can get.

In all a great purchase. I'm very happy having a little experience of what it feels like to hold a Winchester 1894.


Absolutely authentic action to the 1894 model Winchester including the King patent side loading gate.

Comes with an antiqued finish and includes 10 'shells'

Loading the weapon is through the loading gate and this requires a knack - as does the real thing loaded with 30/30 ammunition.

Sliding safety on the grip which was not on the original 1894s and there is also a trigger safety - a small button which has to be compressed by the lever against the Butt - again authentic to the original.

Downsides? Not many. The straight butt plate makes it difficult to cycle the action quickly without pulling the weapon hard into the shoulder. As real shells are not part of the weapon, the shells aren't pushed into the barrel so there is no need for an ejector. The shells are pushed out from below by the new shell being lifted from the magazine.

Buy one, it's a great fun

Gary K

A fantastic replica. Loading and ejecting shells like the real thing.
Very accurate and great grouping.
“Fill your hand, you son of a bitch!”

Gary King

Just bought this Winchester replica (black metalwork) and it makes me feel like Rooster Cogburn (Big John Wayne) in True Grit. All I can say when I’m handling it is “FILL YOU HAND, YOU SON OF A BITCH!!”.