Pard NV008S LRF Night Vision with (Range Finder)

by Pard
SKU: 9675
Type: Night Vision

The new PARD NV008S LRF is now here!

  • The new, more compact design ensures better grip in manual operation and better resistance to recoil when mounted on a rifle.
  • Foldable lens cover protects the lens from dirt, moisture and scratches.
  • The redesigned rangefinder is significantly more sleek in design than its predecessor, ensuring unhindered use of the weapon.
  • The improved rangefinder now measures objects up to a distance of 1200m.
  • With the help of a ballistic calculation, the determination of the correct trajectory of a bullet for a longer distance is easy.
  • The new foldable eyepiece focus handle gives you a better feel when adjusting the focus.
  • New silicone buttons ensure quiet operation and you no longer have to worry about scaring animals.
  • The PARD 2K image sensor guarantees more detailed image and provides 20% better image quality than its predecessor, the NV008P.
  • The 350-meter range of infrared light allows you to take a shot for even longer distances.
  • Automatic recording ensures that the most important situations are not missed. Recording starts automatically and captures a 20-second video clip of the shooting situation, so all you have to worry about is shooting itself.
  • From the USB C port, you can charge your device and transfer files to your computer even faster.
  • IP67 moisture protection ensures that moisture and dust do not enter the machine.
  • 8 hours battery life

Mounting on the gun: The Pard NV008S LRF comes with a base that is suitable for mounting on a Picatinny rail.

Version with 940nm IR emitter:

  • Adjustable IR emitter: 5 watts, 940nm
  • Viewing range: 150m

Version with 850nm IR emitter:

  • Adjustable IR emitter: 5 watts, 850nm
  • Viewing range: 200m
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Mr John Nowell

Excellent service and a excellent product from Ronnie Sunshines at a good price.