Artemis K30-2 Compressor

by SMK
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Type: Filling
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Artemis K30-2 Air Gun Compressor

Artemis Air Compressor

Fill a M22 sized rifle in 8 minutes

Fill a PR900W sized rifle in 4 minutes

Pressure air rifle PCP container can be charged quickly by both mains current and vehicle battery. (comes with battery clips for use on remote shoots)

Lightweight, compact and portable, highly efficient and easy to use.

The 12V portable air compressor is suitable for filling air rifle container below 0.6L.

The air compressor has a wide range of application. The 8mm universal brass quick connector and inflating value are included.

It is patented

Working Voltage: Mains current 220V or 12V - 15V

Motor Power: 350W

Temperature Protection: 50 - 70°C

Low voltage Protection: 11.5V

Working pressure: 0 - 30Mpa

Application range: Container below 0.6L

Continuous Working Time: maximum approx 40 mins

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