Gamo Whisper X Swarm Air Rifle

by Gamo
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Gamo’s Gas Ram powered, break-barrel Whisper X Swarm is a great air rifle for pest control and target shooting alike. There’s a reason that Gamo named this 10-shot air rifle the Whisper X. With the barrel shroud that covers the entire length of the barrel, the report of this rifle is very quiet.

The Whisper X Swarm comes with a lightweight, thumbhole stock that is perfect for any type of vermin control or target shooting, as it will enhance accuracy. The cheek piece on this air rifle lines up your eyes on the included 3-9x40 scope perfectly. If you want to do any type of varmint hunting, this ultra-quiet offering from Gamo is perfect for virtually any situation.

These Whisper X Swarm airguns come complete with a 10 shot magazine, why not pickup a gun bag & pellets to complete your purchase

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