BSA R10 Air Rifle - Black

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BSA R10 Air Rifle - Black

Bsa R10 welcomes you to the dark side. If like me you like your air rifles black then I think you will agree that the BSA R10 Black Stock with all of the accessories in black is a beautiful thing indeed. Not only does this R10 air rifle look fantastic but this pre charged PCP multi shot air rifle will out perform many of it's competitors. As with all BSA Air Rifles, these are made in Birmingham the R10 is the flag ship air rifle of the word famous BSA factory. The unique hammer forged barrel combined with the high performance regulator and two stage match trigger will give you a shooting experience that is bound to please even the most discerning of air rifle shooters.

When you buy an air rifle from Ronnie Sunshines we will mount any air rifle scope you purchase, zero it and test the guns power to ensure you receive it that your air rifle is performing as best it can possible be. Our highly trained staff will be more then happy to show you exactly how to get the most from your R10 Air rifle & shooting in no time

The R10 Black is packed with great features including a detachable shroud on the air rifle barrel that allows you to choose the styling you prefer buy simply removing the rifles shroud,leaving the barrel exposed with the super silent advanced BSA silencer. If that was not enough for you the multi adjustable butt pad will fit you perfectly making your shooting as comfortable as possible.

The R10 Black air rifle is available in both standard or *carbine (*Bsa refer this as Super Carbine). 

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