Bore Blitz Shotgun Barrel Cleaning Tool 12G

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To maintain barrel integrity and therefore
the accuracy of a firearm or shotgun, powder residue will need to be removed, If
not these residues react with oxygen and cause oxidation, one of the main causes
for deteriorating accuracy.

The BoreBlitz consists of two sponges woven into a textile string, each followed
by a rubber ball (with carefully dimensioned pressure), a hand grip and a brass
weight. This design has some advantages over a more traditional pull through

Due to its compact size and easy application, BoreBlitz can be used when it
makes the most sense – at the range or at the end of the day in the field. Just
pull it through the barrel after your last shot.

The two sponges can be used to either double up the cleaning process per stroke,
or they can be used with two different chemicals, i.e. an aggressive ammonia
copper fouling agent on the first sponge and a neutralizing oil or CLP (Cleaner,
Lubricant, Protector) on the second.

Whatever combination of liquids used the rubber balls will contact to the entire
barrel surface. This ensures the barrel is dry and ready to shoot after every
pull-through, without the danger of excess oil residue remaining in the barrel.

Kit Includes

BoreBlitz CLPx 15ml

ABS hand grip

Fabric snake with a brass weight attached (engraved with the calibre to make
identification easy)

Resealable polythene bag

Gauge | 12G

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