Blade Tech Double Sided Whetstone 180 / 600 Grit

SKU: 7861

Blade Tech are renowned for creating some of the best knife sharpeners on the market. Their whetstone range are made to a very high standard, precisely ground flat to produce a consistent, true edge..every time.

These are durable and effective, double sided stones that offer the best of both worlds. Simply choose the combination that best suits your needs.

This Whetstone is 180 (extra coarse) & 600 (medium).

The 180 grit is best suited to re-shaping particularly dull blades and the 600 grit surface is used to apply a final cutting edge to any blade for every day use.

These stones are best used by submerging them in water for 5 minutes prior to sharpening. This offers the sharpening surface the best possible lubrication during sharpening.

All Blade Tech Whetstones are supplied with a rubberised non slip base for secure and easy sharpening.

Sharpening surface 180 x 60 mm

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